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A hunger point.
First Appearance Minecraft 1.8


Hunger bar

A food/hunger bar.

Hunger is a game mechanic which was added in the 1.8 The Bountiful Update. Instead of directly restoring health, eating food will fill a player's food bar (sometimes referred to as the "hunger bar").


The hunger bar depletes slowly over time. When a player's food bar is 90% full or higher, the health bar will slowly refill. The player's food bar will not decrease in "peaceful" mode. In Creative Mode, players do not have a hunger bar.

When the player is sprinting or Jumping, the Food Bar will deplete much faster, and they will be unable to sprint at all once the bar falls to 30% or less. You can get Food Poisoning from eating Raw Chicken, Pufferfish or Rotten Flesh. Food poisoning changes the appearance of the hunger bar, giving it a green outline and will rapidly deplete.

If you have the Saturation Potion effect (earned by hacking or glitching), your hunger will never run out unless the potion effect stops.

When the hunger bar reaches 0%, a player's health decreases by 1% every second.

  • In easy difficulty, it stops at 50%.
  • In Normal, it stops at 1%.
  • In Hard mode, the draining health does not stop until the player dies or eats something to replenish their hunger bar.

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