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Health Points: 32
Attack Strength: Easy 1–4
Normal 1–4
Hard 1–5
Drops: Bow (Uncommon)
Location: N/A
First Appearance: 1.12 17w16a
Experience Points: 5


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The Illusioner is an hostile, humanoid mob that was added in update 1.12. They are one of three types of "illagers," the other two being the Vindicator and the Evoker. Like the other illagers, the illusioner looks similar to a villager.


Illusioners can only be Spawned with the command: /summon illusion_illager


The illusioner will attack Players (except in creative mode), Villagers, and Iron Golems, firing its Bow at any who are about 12 to 24 blocks away. It blinds players with its first attack, and will then begin to shoot at its target while creating harmless duplicates of itself.

While creating the duplicates of itself, the real illusioner will cast an invisibility effect on itself.


  • Illusioners may be added to Woodland Mansions in the near future.[1]
  • Although they both wield bows, an illusioner holds its bow in a different position than a Skeleton.
  • According to the Official Minecraft Wiki talk page and mcbedrock disscussions, the Illusioner was a mob that was not ready or was incomplete. Due to this fact, it is the most likley reason why this mob was not added to other versions. 



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