Iron Bars
Iron Bars Image
First Appearance Beta 1.8
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used Pickaxe (or upgraded once)
Data Values Hex: 65
Stackable Yes:64
Obeys Physics

Iron Bars were added in the Beta 1.8 "Adventure Update". They are a type of block that occurs naturally in Strongholds, Villages, and The End. They serve a similar purpose to fences.

The iron bars can be placed in much the same way as fences, Glass Panes, Cobblestone Wall and Mossy Cobblestone Wall. Unlike fences and Cobblestone walls, a wall constructed with just one of these bars without any more blocks placed above can be jumped over, since it only registers as 1 block in height.


Iron Bars
None None None
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot


On July 11, 2011, Notch revealed two new screenshots of a stronghold (in two different brightness settings) where the bars can be clearly seen alongside other common stronghold blocks. The lighting differences have been explained a bit (though not necessarily completely correct) by a user on the forums.[1]


  • A 2x2 area made of the Iron bars can make a hole big enough for the player to fit through, but not rain, water, etc. This can be used as an easy entrance for an underwater house, and even an exit if pistons are used. Glass Panes work in the same way.
  • If a sign or a painting is placed on the iron bars, it appears to float in the air.
  • Iron Bars have the same placement rules as Glass Panes. When Iron Bars are placed singlely it forms a dot shape, similar to what glass panes do.
  • The Ender Dragon will not destroy iron bars. This is because iron bars appear in The End around two of the Ender Crystals.
  • Since Iron Bars can not be destroyed by a Ghast's fireball, and since they block a Ghast's line of sight, Iron Bars can be used as "Ghast-proof" walls for small enclosed roads through the Nether.
  • Iron Bars can prevent fire from spreading. For example, surrounding a fire with iron bars will prevent wooden items from being lit afire.
  • Despite apparently being thin enough to do so, Iron Bars do NOT let a ghast's explosion touch the block beneath them as long as the block is protected from other angles of the explosion affecting it. This, in theory, means the player should be able to use Iron Bars and Sticky Pistons to make openable/closable shutters.
  • Iron Bars can be used to make an "accelerated curing chamber" for a Zombie Villager after it's been Weakened and given a Golden Apple; it decreases the time by about 4%.


  • The iron bars do not connect to sticky pistons like they do with walls.
| being a wall block/piston
++ being one block of iron bars

 instead of | |++++| |     you get   | | ++ | |
 this       | |++++| |     this      | | ++ | |  
            | |++++| |               | | ++ | | 
           regular block              pistons

This makes it difficult to make castle gates that are functional and look right.

  • When there isn't a block in one of the sides of the iron bars, it will be pushed into the opposite direction. This also happens with Glass Panes.


  1. Minecraft forum post

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