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Iron Golem
150px-Village Golem
Health Points: 100HP (50x Heart)
Attack Strength: 7HP (3.5x Heart)

to 21HP (10.5x Heart)

Drops: 3-5 Iron Ingots , 0-2 Roses
Location: In Villages or built by a player
Experience Points: 0

[view][talk] Iron Golems are tough utility Mobs, built with four Blocks of Iron and one Pumpkin or Jack o' Lantern. They are immune to drowning, fall damage, and knockback. Iron Golems will naturally spawn in Villages with at least 21 Doors and 15 Villagers. Iron Golems are better known for being created by players, and can be created by building a structure of 4 Iron Blocks, and then placing a Pumpkin on top.


Creating an iron golem.


Iron golems drop 3-5 iron ingots and 0-2 poppies on death. But killing iron golems decreases your popularity in a village by -5, and if your popularity level is below -15, the iron golems spawned in the village will see you as a threat and try to kill you. However, if you kill the iron golem using TNT or setting them on fire (by lava or flint and steel), they will not turn aggressive to you because of dying of natural causes. Thus, this is a great way by slaying Iron golems to obtain iron ingots(or poppies).


Iron Golems will become aggressive against any nearby hostile or neutral mob other than creepers or wolves. They will attack anything that attacks themselves or a Villager, except for the player who built them. A golem will only stop acting aggressively if they defeat the player or mob who attacked them, or if all players leave the game.

Creating the Iron Golem

  • Note: You must build this structure vertically to create an Iron Golem.
  • Note: This crafting recipe does not use a crafting bench.
  • Note: When making the iron golem shape, the pumpkin must be placed last, or it will not spawn an iron golem, and keep the shape in the world.
  • Note: There should not be a block or a non-solid block on the spaces marked 'None'.
  • Note: If a player, or other entity is standing too close to the structure when the pumpkin is placed, it will not transform into the golem.
Iron Golem
Jack o' Lantern
Block of Iron
Block of Iron
Block of Iron
Block of Iron


  • When created, Iron Golems will always face south.
  • Iron Golems holding a poppy will turn Villager children into adult Villagers.
  • Iron Golems sink in water.
  • Iron Golems may be based on the robots from Hayao Miyazaki's movie Castle in the Sky.
  • Iron Golems would attack Creepers in 1.8 only, and only if the creeper has little enough health for the golem to one-shot it.
  • Iron Golems are a reference to The Iron Giant.
  • Enderman can create Iron Golems, but this is extremely rare.
  • Iron Golems can be put on a lead.
  • For every 21 or more valid doors in a village of at least 10 villagers, an Iron Golem can spawn. The chance of happening is 1 in 7000 per game tick, which averages around every 6 minutes.
  • Iron Golems will sometimes hold out flowers to villagers. When villager children notice the poppy in its hand, they will slowly approach, and eventually take the flower.
  • While Iron Ingots and Poppies are obtained by killing Iron Golems, it's not worth it to create an Iron Golem and then immediately kill it. You will get less Iron Ingots than it took to create the Golem.
  • An Iron Golem's face is similar to a villagers face because it has a unibrow and a long nose.


Iron Golem/Gallery

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