Jens "Jeb" Bergensten
Jens Bergensten
Born May 18, 1979
Örebro, Sweden
Nationality Swedish

Jens Bergensten (also known as jeb_) is an employee of Mojang AB. Since Minecraft was officially released, Notch stepped down as the lead Developer and Jeb took his place.


Jens began his career with Mojang AB in 2010, but became the lead developer behind Minecraft, after taking over from Notch in 2012. He is responsible for all recent updates and releases. Pistons and wolves are just two of his legacies. Before coming to Mojang, he worked at Oxeye, the game studio responsible for the game Cobalt.

  • He had an idea of making Crying Obsidian, but sadly he abandoned the idea soon after.
  • He is currently the lead developer of Minecraft, PC edition
  • Job: Programmer @Minecraft


  • Jens created the alias "Jeb" as he wanted a more English sounding name for him to use on the internet.[citation needed] Jeb is a combination of his first and last name.
  • If a sheep is named "jeb_"(with a name tag), the sheep's wool will be in rainbow. To see more, click here.


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