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Jesse's character options in Minecraft: Story Mode


Player character



First appearance

"The Order of The Stone"


"The Order of The Stone" to present

Voice actors

Catherine Taber (female)
Patton Oswalt (male)


Minecraft: Story Mode

Sapling inventory Come on! Grow up!

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Sapling inventory
We meet again Command Block. Now it's time to destroy you.

-Jesse to the Command Block when inside the Wither Storm in A Block and a Hard Place (Episode 4).

Jesse is the main character, and that which the Player controls in Minecraft: Story Mode. Jesse is voiced by either Catherine Taber or Patton Oswalt, depending on a players chosen gender.[1]

Unlike the other characters in the game, a player may choose how they would like Jesse to appear, from six different texture model options (three per gender). More appearance options are available in season two.



A player is given a choice to customize the main character by chossing the gender and the skin color for Jesse. Male Jesse wears a shirt, with suspenders attached to his trousers while the female counterpart wears a t-shirt with overalls.


Minecraft: Story Mode

Season One

  1. "The Order of the Stone"
  2. "Assembly Required"
  3. "The Last Place You Look"
  4. "A Block and a Hard Place"
  5. "Order Up!"
  6. "A Portal to Mystery"
  7. "Access Denied!"
  8. "A Journey's End?"

Season Two

  1. "Hero In Residence"
  2. "Giant Consequences"


  • Jesse is referred to as "Jessie" in the Meet the Cast video of Minecraft: Story Mode
  • Female Jesse Winning Boomtown still calls her a "King" not a "Queen"



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