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Jesse's character options in Minecraft: Story Mode


Player character



First appearance

"The Order of The Stone"


"The Order of The Stone" to present

Voice actors

Catherine Taber (female)
Patton Oswalt (male)


Minecraft: Story Mode

Sapling inventory Come on! Grow up!

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Sapling inventory
We meet again Command Block. Now it's time to destroy you.

-Jesse to the Command Block when inside the Wither Storm in A Block and a Hard Place (Episode 4).

Jesse is the main character, and that which The Player controls in Minecraft: Story Mode. Jesse is voiced by either Catherine Taber or Patton Oswalt, depending on the players chosen gender.[1]

Unlike the other characters in the game, the player may choose how they would like Jesse to appear, from six different texture model options (three per gender).



The Player is given a choice to customize the main character by chossing the gender and the skin color for Jesse. Male Jesse wears a shirt, with suspenders attached to his trousers while the female counterpart wears a t-shirt with overalls.


Minecraft: Story Mode

Season One

  1. "The Order of the Stone"
  2. "Assembly Required"
  3. "The Last Place You Look"
  4. "A Block and a Hard Place"
  5. "Order Up!"
  6. "A Portal to Mystery"
  7. "Access Denied!"
  8. "A Journey's End?"

Season Two

  1. "Hero In Residence"
  2. "Giant Consequences"


  • Jesse is referred to as "Jessie" in the Meet the Cast video of Minecraft: Story Mode
  • Female Jesse Winning Boomtown still calls her a "King" not a "Queen"



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