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Lag is a generic term used to describe an unpredictable quality in many games, particularly multiplayer ones. There comes sever types of lag, the most common being FPS lag, which generally effects all players.

In Minecraft

Minecraft has several types of lag. Most cases of lag come from using any multiplayer setting in the game. However, lag can still be created in singleplayer.


There is only one type of lag in singleplayer, this being FPS Lag, which affects a player's FPS (Frames Per Second; the animation in the game which appears on-screen). FPS lag can usually be fixed by reducing the quality of video in the Settings. Music and sound-effects occasionally render slowly when there is slight lag, producing chunky music and occasional pauses.

The most common cause is produced when the Nether is entered. This is mostly due to the massive amounts of entities(such as fire) found in the world, as well as the fluids (lava). There is occasionally lag in the Overworld and the End, these being caused by entities and the changing weather cycles. Lag can also be manually produced by detonating TNT, which destroys blocks faster than the player, as well as creating multiple interactions. The player may become damaged and have their position moved, all while several blocks are violently being destroyed by an entity. Some computers may not be able handle these interactions all at once, causing lag and sometimes rendering issues..


Multiplayer has several frequent lag issuses. All lags are found in SMP and are described in the following section.

Types of Lag

  • FPS: A sudden, and sometimes dramatic, decrease in framerate. This can cause the player to loose their berrings momentarily, as well as leave them vulnerable.
  • Block: Created when a player breaks a block out of sync with other players, either by destroying it too quickly, or being destroyed faster than within the limits of normal Minecraft. Block lag typically just causes an issue with destroyed blocks, making a block that is destroyed to appear to be there.
  • Entity: Caused from an immense amount of entities in a world.

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