Lapis Lazuli (Item)
Lapizs lazuli dye
Type Item, Dye
Stackable 64
First Appearance Beta 1.2
Data Values Hex: 15F


Lapis Lazuli is an ore drop, chest loot, and trading item that is used for decoration and enchanting; the rarity of the Ore is balanced by the drop quantity of 4-8.



Lapis Lazuli is found on block layer number 14, that's where the majority of all of this ore will spawn in. In order to check the block layerm number hit F3 at the top of a keyboard, then keep mining into the ground until the 'y' point states 14. Lapis Lazuli Ore spawns around diamond. When the player is on this level, Lapis will spawn within several layers.

Generated Structures

Chest Minecarts in abandoned mineshafts sometimes have lapis lazuli in them.


Cleric villagers will offer up to two lapis lazuli in exchange for an emerald after having been traded with once.


Lapis Lazuli can be used in a few ways:


  • Lapis lazuli was going to be a crafting ingredient for the block crying obsidian, but neither the block nor the recipe were ever added.

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