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a village library

A library is an structure that is naturally occurring on villages or inside a Stronghold. A Stronghold library is constructed in two levels surrounded by bookshelves. In the first level, there are multiple rows of bookshelves stacked in the center area. Spiderwebs can be found here and broken to collect string.

Library found in a world

The second level is made from oak wooden planks, wooden pillars, and fences with bookshelves on the walls. These libraries are usually dimly lit with hanging fences with torches on top. Chests containing loot, such as paper, can be found on either level.

The  other type of library occurs in generated villages.  They have a row of wooden stairs as a bench in front of two pressure plate-on-fence tables, with a row of bookshelves above and one Workbench located on the corner.

A library is one of the easiest ways of obtaining many books at once. However, you do have to find the library first.


  • In the PS3 and PS4 tutorial world, the castle-like structure located near the original spawn point contains a room similar to a Library that contains an Enchantment Table. Another one that is surrounded by dozens of bookshelves can be found further up into the actual castle.

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