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Lily pad
Lily Pad
First Appearance 1.9 Beta
Type of Block Solid Block, Plant
Data Values Hex: 6F
Obeys Physics?
The Lily pad first appeared in the Beta 1.9 pre-release. It can only be placed in Water and drops when destroyed. Players can be on lily pads like it is a solid block.


  • Lily pads are destroyed when the water beneath them freezes and becomes ice.
  • Lily pads are classified as a "treasure" when fishing.
  • Lily pads can be harvested from swamps without needing a fishing rod.
  • Lily pads are destroyed when water flows on them. This can be used to climb by alternating the placement of lily pads and water source blocks without leaving the placed lily pads.
  • If a lily pad is placed on the water in a farm, the water will still irrigate the nearby tilled land.
  • A boat can break lily pads.
  • Lily pads can block a player directly under them from surfacing, potentially causing drowning under specific circumstances.
  • If players sprint while placing lily pads down, it provides a very quick way to go across water.

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