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This page says about the features that are not added to PE yet, but they are confirmed.

Confirmed Features





  • Redstone Mechanics (0.13.0)
  • Trading
  • Placable string (0.13.0)

Removed Features

These are the removed features in Minecraft PE.


  • These features may be removed, but can still be obtained through inventory editors, or through the /give command, which is available in the 0.16.0 beta (aka 0.15.90.X) using the following syntax: /give @p camera/nether_reactor_core. "

Secret Features

Secret Features are features that are added to PE, but can only be obtained through inventory editors. These are the secret features in PE.

  • Iron Doors (implemented in 0.9.0)
  • Ghast Spawn Egg (before 0.12.1)
  • Slimeballs (before 0.12.1)
  • Saddles (do not have a use yet before 0.15.0)
  • Allow and Deny blocks, added in the first beta release of 0.16.0, later removed in the second release. These are features which are currently available on Minecraft Education Edition.


  • Iron Doors are currently useless since redstone mechanics aren't added yet.
  • In Update 0.13.0, redstone will be placable.
  • In 0.14.0 the camera will break the game if it was activated.

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