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MCPE Master
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Change game properties, change inventory, enchant, set TP areas, and spawn mobs.

MCPE Master is a launcher available for the Android version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It allows the user to choose different maps, mods, seeds, and texture packs. It is available for devices running Android 4.0.3 and up.


On the homepage, there will be a list of maps published for people to try out. When one presses the download button, the map will be added to one's maplist. One can also import maps downloaded from other sources in the "Import" tab.


On the homepage, there will also be a list of Skins to download and try. Trying to use one's own skin in the game itself does not seem to work, and thus one will need to Import skins too.


The homepage also contains a list of seeds which people have found. Most seeds on the list are Villages, Desert Temples, and rarely extreme hills. There is no ability to import seeds as one can input it in the game itself.

Texture Packs

The homepage has a list of textures, most of them either simplified, turned to a more elegant style, or shaders. Like most things, one can Import textures downloaded from other sources.


ModPE is an experimental feature. Mods are things which change the game and are usually found in .apk files. However, one may also find .js mods, although these are usually not capable of adding much. APK files are more efficient, as they are capable of more, but the downside is that they usually required extra apps installed. And, after recent updates, one can import ModPE.

Warning: Enabling many ModPE's at once may cause lag, or in extreme cases, the game might crash on start.

Floating Window

The floating window is something which lets one edit things in-game. One can change the Time and Weather, change Gamemodes, add items or remove items to/from the inventory, spawn and delete Mobs, turn on flight, invincibility, constant sprint, or no-clip, enchant items wherever one is and set places to teleport.

The floating window will disappear if one joins a server to prevent abuse.

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