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Magma is a block found in The Nether, implemented in The Frostburn Update. It is basically a solid version of Lava, which deals the player roughly half a heart of damage when they stand on top of it, regardless of armor or protective enchantments. However, it's damage can be prevented using the Frost Walker enchantment.[1] This can be used to create traps for mobs that may walk near your house.


  • If a player dies from touching Magma, the death message reads: "<Player> discovered floor was lava."
  • Despite dealing 1/2 a heart of damage to the player, much like a cactus on the surface, it can't be used to dispose of items. However, it can be used to surround a base, if so desired. The benefit of this is due to its major abundance in the Nether.
  • It is a special block that actually constantly changes texture (watch the above picture).



Click for full magma gallery.

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