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For other Magma related objects found in Minecraft, see Magma.
Magma Cream
Type Raw Material
Uses Ingredient of Potion of Fire Resistance
First Appearance Alpha 1.2.0
Data Values Hex: 155


Magma Cream is an item in Minecraft that is dropped from Magma Cubes, or they can be crafted. Unlike the Slime, which only drops Slimeballs from the tiny size, the Small and Medium sizes of Magma Cubes drop Magma Cream. Magma Cubes drop 0-1 Magma Cream per small/medium Magma Cube, so the maximum amount is 5 without using the Looting enchantment, however, the Looting enchantment does affect drop rates. The other way to obtain Magma Cream is to craft it with one Slimeball and one Blaze Powder. This is a relatively inefficient way of obtaining Magma Cream, since one needs to kill both Blazes in the Nether and Slime in the Overworld.


Magma Cream is used to brew fire resistance potions, which are essential if one decides to venture through the Nether or in a pool of Lava. Splash potions are also possible to brew with magma cream, but they require an extra pinch of gunpowder.


Magma Cream

(Shapeless recipe)
None None
Blaze Powder
None None None

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