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Magnus in Minecraft: Story Mode




King of BoomTown



Voice Actor

Corey Feldman


Minecraft: Story Mode



Magnus appears in Minecraft: Story Mode. In episode 2, Magnus is found in Boom Town in a spire made out of obsidian, or otherwise brought by Axel if a player goes to look for Ellegaard.


Magnus wears green armor and clothes, and a bandanna on his head. He has fair skin and a shaved head. He appears as though he may be wearing a Latex-type material, which is unlikely but reasonable, because navigating Boom Town requires a lot of jumping and dodging. This could be countered by the fact that he needs an armor that can absorb TNT blasts because Boom Town is dangerous and TNT is constantly being thrown around. He also wears a brown belt around his waist and dark brown boots.


Magnus is a griefer, and usually goes on offense, rather than defense. Magnus is brave, but sarcastic when he speaks. However, he is friendly and is easy to get along with. As seen in Boom Town, he is also arrogant and goes with the majorities' choices. He is seen making a cannon and shoots TNT to Jesse when the crowd shouts for a cannon. However, he doesn't seem to welcome other people properly like Ellegaard and Gabriel.


Season One

  • "The Order of the Stone" (Flashback)
  • "Assembly Required"
  • "The Last Place You Look"
  • "A Block and a Hard Place" (Alive or Flashback)
  • "Order Up!" (Banner, Determinant)
  • "A Journey's End?" (Banner, Determinant)


  • Magnus is the former king of Boom Town.
  • Magnus is the best griefer, according to the story, but somehow he is beaten by Jesse. Soren also makes an object more explosive than TNT, making Magnus not the best griefer.
  • He is the first character to die. (Determinant)

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