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257 This article is about multiplayer experiences and content and is not considered integral to the main experience of Minecraft. Some aspects of this article may differ between separate multiplayer servers. 257
The content featured on this page is about a feature that is not supported by Mojang.

McMMO is a Plugin/Mod to Minecraft, used on some Multiplayer servers. McMMO introduces the skills aspect of an RPG to Minecraft.


McMMO gives players experience points based upon the skill. Each skill has special abilities, some of which are passive abilities that must be activated by the player while other abilities are active which means that they are always in use. Each skill has numerous abilities that are typically gained through practicing the skill. Skills have a number of uses, and they can be a great help to the user in certain instances. Many abilities are passive, and these abilities can only be activated by "readying" the tool with a right-click. The primary abilities are PvP based, and they are used during any combat experience encountered in the server.

All of the major abilities that are passive can only be used once before needing to recharge over a small period of time (roughly one minute and a half). The abilities also have a short activation period, which increases as the player "hones" their skills.


  • Swords: This skill focuses on using Swords to kill enemies. There are different types of abilities that are associated with this skill. The Sword skill only works during combat, and they have no use outside of combat. Swords feature the main Serated Strikes ability which increases the chances of causing enemies to gain the Bleed affect and deals 25% more damage when activated. Bleed is a special affect that is constantly active. It deals damage to the player over time, much like being poisoned.
  • Archery: This skill focuses on the use of a Bow to shoot enemies. The archery skill has no passive abilities, meaning that any abilities that players have are always in use. The bow has the special Daze affect that can momentarily disrupt the target player's ability to see as well as their ability to retrieve arrows from defeated mobs or players.
  • Woodcutting: This skill focuses on the use of an axe to cut down trees. The main ability is Tree Feller, which is passive and causes the player to instantly remove chunks of a tree. The active abilities are Leaf Blower, which quickly destroys leaves, and Double Drop, which increases the number of logs received from cutting down a tree.
  • Herbalism: This skill focuses on harvesting organic blocks. This ability rarely uses the Hoe, which is only used during the passive Green Terra ability that increases drops, automatically replants seeds, and activates the Green Thumb ability with a 100% chance. Green Thumb allows the player to turn a block from its original form into a plant-related counterpart (Ex: Dirt changes to Grass, Cobblestone changes to Mossy Cobblestone). There is a bonus ability which is the Shroom Thumb ability which consumes mushrooms, allows the player to create Mycelium from any type of dirt. The Hylian Luck ability causes the player to gain treasures when Grass, Saplings, Dead Bushes, Flowers, and Flower Pots are destroyed with a sword (Ex: Flower Pots will yield emeralds, diamonds, or a gold nugget by chance). The Farmer's Diet ability allows the player to restore more hunger when eating plant-based foods and the Auto Replant ability automatically reseeds a plant when it is destroyed.
  • Fishing: This skill requires the player to catch fish with the Fishing rod in order to gain experience. The more time a player spends fishing, the higher their bite-rate will increase, which causes "fish biting" to become more frequent. Ice Fishing will destroy any block of ice that the rod is being caste upon. The Treasure Hunter ability allows the player to receive items instead of fish from fishing, with the value of the item going up with the level. Magic Hunter ties in with Treasure Hunter and allows players to fish items that are enchanted. Shake is an ability used on mobs and allows the player to capture their drops without having to kill the mob.
  • Repair: The Repair skill is activated only when the player fixes tools. Abilities can have a range of effects, from repairing more durability to giving the player the items used to create the tool.
  • Mining: The Mining skill requires the player to use a pickaxe to mine items. Super Breaker is a passive ability that increases the rate at which a player mines for a short period of time. Blast Mining is a rare ability that is used while crouching with TNT and igniting it with a Flint and Steel. The Blast Mining ability increases the drops received from the detonation, and it increases the explosion's range. As with many of the collective skills, the mining skill also has a chance of double drops from mining blocks.
  • Excavation: This skill requires the player to use a shovel, and it mainly focuses on "digging". Giga Drill Breaker is a passive ability that instantly destroys blocks when they are mined with a shovel while it is activated. The Treasure Hunt ability allows the player to receive other items from digging.
  • Unarmed: This skill focuses on fighting mobs or players without the use of any tools or items (in other words, fighting with one's hands). Berserk is the only passive ability that can deal 50% more damage and it can help the player destroy weak blocks when activated. Iron Arm Style is an active ability that deals more damage as the skill increases. Arrow Deflect allows the player to instantly block arrows shot at them. Disarm allows the player to remove the enemy player(s)'s wielded item (this works with any object being held by the target player). The Iron Grip ability is the exact opposite of Disarm, and it will counter a disarming.
  • Axes: This skill focuses on fighting with an axe. Skull Spliter is a unique ability that, when activated, will damage multiple targets around that player. The axe has a load of abilities that makes it an even match to against a sword. Axes can deal double damage to any mob and 1.5 times more damage to any player. Axes will also deal more damage the more experienced a player is. Axes can also break armor much quicker and can throw an opponent backwards.
  • Taming: This skill focuses on the player being able to tame certain animals, such as wolves and ocelots. Call of the Wild is a special ability that takes ten of any taming object and attracts that creature it appeals as well as tames it. Beast Lore is an extra add in that can show any pet's health and owner. There is also an array of abilities for any players' pets that unlock at different levels, with each ability improving their pets.
  • Acrobatics: This skill focuses on the player being hit with knockback from opponents and taking fall damage. Graceful Roll is an ability activated by pressing shift while in mid-air. It protects the user from fall damage and has a larger success rate than a Roll. A Roll is an ability that a player can use to avoid fall damage. The Dodge ability is an ability that a player can use to take half as much damage from a hit.
  • Smelting: Smelting is the only automatic skill that is determined depending on the players Mining and Repairing skills. The Smelting skill improves a player's ability of smelting in an oven.

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