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McMMO is a plugin for MineCraft servers that adds levels to different skills that the player uses. The goal is to add an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) type of feel to the server that has the plugin installed.


McMMO has a total of twelve different skills that are each leveled up individually by the player. When skills are leveled up, respective tasks will be made easier and quicker along with the improvement of a special ability. Skills can be leveled up by doing the task (mining to increase Mining skill). As a player progresses in a skill, the skill will require more and more experience to level up, therefore becoming very difficult to continue leveling beyond a certain point.


1. Unarmed

2. Archery

3. Swords

4. Axes

5. Taming


6. Mining

7. Woodcutting

8. Excavation

9. Fishing

10. Herbalism


11. Repair

12. Acrobatics

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