This article is about Mega-Taiga Biome. For the less-mountainous biome, with smaller trees and often covered in snow, see Taiga Biome.
Mega Taiga
(Redwood Forest)
300px-RedwoodBiome Enhanced
A Redwood Forest


On foot, or by other usual means of travel


Wolf, Chicken, Pig, Cow, Spider, Sheep, Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Witch, Enderman,

Environmental Features:

Very large Spruce trees, Mushrooms, Podzol, Moss Stone Boulders



The Mega Taiga Biome, also known as the Redwood Forest, is a biome categorized under the "cold" category, spawning only in areas with a temperature of .3. The Mega Taiga is a rare biome and does not generate as commonly as its Taiga counterpart would. Mega Taigas are similar to the "Jungle Biome", sporting massive trees and the occasional treacherous terrain.


Mega Taigas are one of the more simplistic and abundant biomes. Mega Taigas are filled with large spruce trees arranged in a 2x2 manner, creating an over-abundance of wood, only being rivaled to that of a jungle. However, unlike jungles, the layout of the Mega Taiga is flatter and contains fewer obstacles aside from those generated by terrain. Although abundant in wood, the terrain is not exactly flat and is not abundant with grass or other structures. However, peaceful mobs will occasionally spawn from time to time. The Mega Taiga also has a seemingly large population of Brown Mushrooms. There are no npc villages in this biome despite facts that there is a taiga village, (but only in normal ones), but on some occasions a village may spread into this biome.


As with all biomes, excluding the Mushroom Island Biome, it is capable of naturally spawning hostile mobs. There are no exclusive mobs to the Mega Taiga, and peaceful mobs will occasionally spawn from time to time.


In general, the Mega Taiga is an extremely user-friendly biome, abundant with building materials, occasionally spawning in a hill variation. The majority of the ground is covered with the biome-exclusive podzol, which is a grass alternative. Grass will, however, occasionally spawn, allowing for peaceful mobs. The ground is occasionally scattered with patches of coarse dirt, which is dirt that is incapable of growing into grass. Often, a player may find sparse boulders formed of Mossy Cobblestone, creating a new source for the material.