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Minecart with Chest
Minecart with Chest
Type Vehicle
Uses Storage
Data Values Hex: 156


Minecarts with Chests (also known as Storage Minecarts) are Minecarts that, instead of riding them, 27 stacks of items can be stored in them, just like a regular chest. Items can be placed in or taken out of a Storage Minecart by use of Hopper, but not, surprisingly, by a Minecart with Hopper. Storage minecarts can be accessed at any time when a player is in range and does not have solid block between them, even when there is a block above the Minecart.


Minecart with Chest
None None None


Minecarts with Chests can be used to store items without anybody seeing - "hiding" the item - or simply used, for example, to add books to a library. This is done with: any block of your choice, minecart with chest, a button, piston, and a rail.

For the block of your choice, use a bookshelf. First, delete a vertical row of 2 blocks (do NOT destroy a block that touches the ground). Put a rail on the block and then the minecart.

Destroy the block that you placed the rail and minecart at. The minecart will fall down and the rail will be destroyed (remember: the minecart will turn around when the block is destroyed, so it's recommended that the rail spawn at the direction you're looking at). Then, put in the piston and insert the button at a block near the piston. Spawn the bookshelf exactly below the piston and press the button. The bookshelf will go through the minecart. Then you can destroy the piston and spawn bookshelves on the empty spaces.

Note that, if the minecart switches onto the way the player is looking at, a part of the minecart will show up when you push the button, and that will show to everyone else where you hid your items, so it's highly suggested to avoid the minecart looking "vertically".

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