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Minecart with TNT
TNT minecart
A Minecart with TNT
Type Minecarts, Redstone
Durability Destroying areas of blocks via a rail system
Data Values Hex: ???


The Minecart with TNT is a type of minecart added in the 1.5 (the Redstone Update) and it's actually a combination of a Minecart and a block of TNT.


The minecart is used to blow up blocks in moderation. When it explodes it will not destroy any rails beneath the minecart and any blocks that the rails are on. They only blow up when a Activator Rail is underneath them thus making your minecart system fail safe, as you can turn activator rails on and off. It also is often banned from servers since it is a good way for griefers to destroy mines or roads with rails.


Minecart with TNT
None None None
None TNT None
None Minecart None


  • There's a bug where if you place a lot on a rail in a short circle it will create a nuclear explosion and weird squares.

A nuke explosion

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