Minecraft PS Vita Edition
North American Box Art for the Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition.

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Minecraft: PS Vita Edition is an edition of Minecraft developed by 4J Studios alongside Mojang AB. 4J Studios hinted a teaser of the edition on 11 April 2014, and a screenshot was published about a month later. In a response to 4J Studios, Jeb informed that it is based on the PS3 Edition.

The PS3 Edition has some level of connectivity with the PS Vita version: the game at the store incorporates "Users can purchase one copy on either console and play both editions." Cross-Buy, and saved worlds are transferable between the consoles.

PlayStation Vita Edition also used AD-HOC for "On the Go" multiplayer and online multiplayer. Only four players can join a local game due to framerate issues in multiplayer.

The PS Vita Edition was available for purchase on the PlayStation Network on 14 October 2014 in North America and 15 October in Europe. Retail releases were made available in North America on 11 November 2014; Europe on 19 November; and 21 November in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

If one already owns the PlayStation 3 Edition of Minecraft, then one can get the PS Vita edition for free.


Minecraft: PSVita Edition and all other Sony editions of Minecraft will not receive Cross-Play with the other console/PE/Windows 10 editions due to Sony refusing to make it possible on their consoles. Currently, Sony has not released an official explanation as to why. Many Sony players (as a result of the lack of Cross-Play) are now switching to other versions of the game.