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only PC


Server Software - $41.00 User License - $18.00/$14.00(25+)


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Also known as Minecraft: Education Edition, MinecraftEdu is a fun, version of Minecraft that can be used in a way of education at schools. It was created in late 2011 in partnership with TeacherGaming and Mojang. It includes all the features of PC Minecraft and more. It is a good use of learning to code, using the Turtle from ComputerCraft


When starting up MinecraftEdu, a launcher opens with the options of opening Minecraft and MinecraftEdu. When opening MinecraftEdu, you are asked to put in your name and your gender. Once filled in you can enter the main menu, name and gender can be changed.

Unique Features

MinecraftEdu has many unique features that are automatically included when installed. This includes custom blocks, mods, and more.

Custom Blocks

  • Build Allow Block
    • Allows students to build when building is disable. Only breakable by teacher.
  • Build Disallow Block
    • Disallows students to break blocks when building is enables. Only breakable by teacher.
  • Border Block
    • Sets borders to a world. Only breakable by teacher.
  • Information Block
    • Stores information that the students can edit. Breakable by students.
  • Information Sign
    • Indicates something important is near by the block.
  • Foundation Block
    • Allows measurement between foundation blocks
  • Spawn Block
    • Indicates spawnpoint where new users enter the world. Only breakable by teacher.
  • Teleport Block
    • Used to teleport from one place to another. Only breakable by teacher.
  • Home Block
    • Can be used for students to teleport to the home block. Only breakable by teacher and the student that placed the home block.


  • ComputerCraftEdu, the education version of ComputerCraft (Compatible)
  • CustomNPCs (Compatible)
  • BiblioCraft (Experimental*)
  • BuildCraft (Experimental)
  • Dynmap (Experimental)
  • Minechem (Experimental)
  • Pam's HarvestCraft (Experimental)
  • PneumaticCraft (Experimental)
  • World Edit (Experimental)

*Experimental are not fully tested with MinecraftEdu

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