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Mojang has released that in 1.2, hostile Mobs will be "smarter". In the morning, they won't run around, caught on Fire. Instead, using intelligence, they will find a shady spot. There will also be Jungle Biomes in which Ocelots will be found. There will be Jungle trees in which instead of the normal 1 block width, there will be 2x2 tree trunks. Another Mob being added are Cats. Also Zombies now attack Villagers and they rely on the new Iron Golem mob to protect them. Firecharge is also a new item. There is also Experience Potion. Also there will now be Redstone Lamps as well as upside down stairs for players who like to build. This update was released on March 1, 2012



A Firecharge


An Ocelot


White Cat


Cat Skins when an Ocelot is tamed


Stairs can be placed Upside Down

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