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In Minecraft, servers are a place for players to enjoy Minecraft with other players.

Server Mods

There are a few platforms available to server administrators, which allow plugins to be installed:

  • Bukkit (No longer in operation)
  • Spigot
  • Canary
  • Sponge

Common Bugs

This is a list of bugs that occur in most server game play experiences.

Block Lag

This occurs when the ping of the server increases to a certain point, this can cause players to break two blocks instead of one, blocks not breaking, blocks respawning, or gravity on blocks not working.

Flashing Render Glitch

This happens usually when TNT is ignited, it causes the blocks to not disappear. The blocks will usually stay in place, vibrate and flash. It will not increase light level and the render glitch will not be touchable. This can be fixed by logging off, and logging back in.

Chunk Error

This happens most commonly in Multiplayer, but all errors are Client-Side only. The server is not at fault for this. Falling into a missing chunk can cause the player to die just like falling through bedrock. The damage rate is the same as Lava. Throwing items into the chunk error will make the items unable to be obtainable if you are on Single Player but in Multiplayer you can reload the server and retrieve your items.

Server Administration

The Window GUI of the Server Application allows you to type in commands to administer your server. The server admins can "OP" players to give them administrative permissions. This allows them to access the commands by adding the prefix "/" before the command.


Server Commands for Minecraft v1.2.5
Command Description
help or ? Displays all commands
kick <player> removes a player from the server
ban <player> bans a player from the server
pardon <player> pardons a player so that they can connect again
ban-ip <ip> bans an IP address from the server
pardon-ip <ip> pardons a banned IP address so that they can connect again
op <player> turns a player into an op (same as admin)
deop <player> removes op status from a player
tp <p1> <p2> moves one player to the same location as another player
give <player> <id> [num] gives a player a resource
tell <player> <msg> sends a private message to a player
stop disconnects all users, saves, then closes
save-all forces a server-wide level save
save-on enables auto-saving
save-off disables auto-saving
list lists all connected players
say <message> broadcasts a message to all players
time <set or add> <time> adds or sets the world time. 1000/hour
gamemode <player> <mode> switches the gamemode of the player, 0 is survival, 1 is creative.
toggledownfall toggles rain on/off
xp <player> <amount> gives a player the amount of xp. maximum 5000.

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