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Minecraft Updates

New Update Available

The original message screen for Minecraft, indicating a new update has been released.

Minecraft is constantly being worked on by the developer studio Mojang, so updates to the Game are frequently released.

Updates for the game may include new/removed/tweaked features such as: blocks, items, entities, code and more. 

If you choose to play Minecraft using Offline Mode, you will not recieve new updates.

All things in these updates are found here:Minecraft Updates Changelog

Note: some Minecraft versions may not be listed here. If you notice an update is not mentioned (or is mentioned incorrectly) feel free to edit the article.

Minecraft apologise to all those users on the PS Vita and Xbox One gamers who suffered the *data loss* update released America March 22nd, UK March 26th. These bug is temperealrly and a full refund loss of all data loss will be recovered within the next coming days. Keep updating and keep Mining Minecraft Community! - Microsoft Studios, Jebb

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bugfixes for beta and alpha were only introduced to official minecraft 2010-2012; door sounds and other things fixed CAN NOT BE PLAYED IN MINECRAFT WITHOUT 3RD PARTY SYSTEMS OR MODS!!!


Pre-Classic (0.0.1a-0.08a) (needs to be clarified as of the new launcher time machine)

Classic (0.0.9a - 0.24_07, 0.28-0.30_03) (needs to be clarified as of the new launcher time machine)

Indev (0.31 to 0.55) (needs to be clarified except for version 0.31)

Infdev (0.56 to 0.89) (needs to be clarified)

Survival Test (0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST to 0.27 SURVIVAL TEST 12)

Alpha RD 2009-early 2010


  • Alpha 1.0.1 The first stage!; Redstone! Game up for grabs!
  • Alpha 1.0.2
  • Alpha 1.0.3
  • Alpha 1.0.17
  • Alpha 1.1.1
  • Alpha 1.1.2
  • Alpha 1.1.2_01 You have to pay to get Minecraft now!
  • Alpha 1.1.3_01
  • Alpha 1.1.3_02
  • Alpha 1.1.3_03
  • Alpha 1.1.3_04
  • Alpha 1.1.3_05
  • Alpha 1.2.0 - The Holoween Update! Old grass and leaf texture removed.
  • Alpha 1.2.0_01
  • Alpha 1.2.0_02
  • Alpha 1.2.0_03
  • Alpha 1.2.0_04
  • Alpha 1.2.1_01 Major retexture of items and blocks!
  • Alpha 1.2.3
  • Alpha 1.2.4  
  • Alpha 1.2.4_01
  • Alpha 1.2.4_02
  • Alpha 1.2.4_03
  • Alpha 1.2.5
  • Alpha 1.2.6

End of known updates for alpha


Beta 1.0

Beta 1.0_01 

Beta 1.0.2 

Beta 1.1 

Beta 1.1_02 

Beta 1.2_01 Dispensers!

Beta 1.2_02

Beta 1.3.1 Lighting redone!

Beta 1.4_01 Wolves!

Beta 1.5.1

Beta 1.5.1_01

Beta 1.6.1

Beta 1.6.2

Beta 1.6.3

Beta 1.6.4

Beta 1.6.5

Beta 1.6.6 Nether Portals in SMP work now!

Beta 1.7 Retexture of cobblestone! Pistons!

Beta 1.7.2

Beta 1.7.3 

Beta 1.8.1pre1

Beta 1.8.1pre2

Beta 1.8.1pre3

Beta 1.8.1 The Adventure Update!

Beta 1.8.2 Bow animation fixed along with sword perrying action being delayed

Beta 1.9pre1

Beta 1.9pre2 Minecraft price raised! Now $26.95! (USD)

Beta 1.9pre3

Beta 1.9pre4

Beta 1.9pre5 New door noise! (Covers Iron and Wooden Door)

Beta 1.9pre6

The Minecraft Stage

Update 1.0.0 The end is nigh! Game is out officialy!

Update 1.1 Languages & Spawn Eggs!

Update 1.2.1 Jungles!

Update 1.2.3 Ocelots!

Update 1.2.4

Update 1.2.5

Update 1.3.1 Temples!

Update 1.3.2

Update 1.4.2 Pretty Scary Update!

Update 1.4.4

Update 1.4.5

Update 1.4.6

Update  1.4.7

Update 1.5 The Redstone Update!

Update 1.5.1

Update 1.5.2

Update 1.6.1 The Horse Update!

Update 1.6.2

Update 1.6.4

Update 1.7.1 The World/Biome Update/The update that changed the world!

Update 1.7.2

Update 1.7.3

Update 1.7.4

Update 1.7.5

Update 1.7.6

Update 1.7.7

Update 1.7.8

Update 1.7.9

Update 1.7.10

Update 1.8 "The Bountiful Update"

Upcoming versions

Minecraft 1.9 The Combat Update

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