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This is a page where users can request rollback rights. Like requests for adminship, a community discussion is not needed. Instead, an administrator will see if the user's contributions and effort to improve the wiki are satisfactory. If the request is accepted, a Bureaucrat will grant rollback rights to the user.

What is rollback?

Rollback is an extension used for anti-vandalism and undoing multiple bad edits, made back-to-back by a single user. A user who is granted rollback rights can see a [rollback] link in page history, on the topmost edit. By clicking "Rollback", all edits by the most recent contributor are undone, and the page is reverted to the state it was just before the target user began editing the page. The edit summary for the action is:
"Reverted edits by Example (talk | block) to last version by Example2".
This is one of the most useful methods for reverting vandalism quickly.

It should be noted that all administrators have the tool by default.


There are a few things taken into consideration when a rollback request is reviewed. It is expected that the user requesting rollback rights meets some, if not all of the following criteria:

  • An acceptable amount of mainspace edits (about 400+ is a good start)
  • Anti-vandalism activities (undoing vandalism as it occurrs)
  • A reasonable level of activity on the wiki (the user has contributed to the wiki regularly, for at least a few weeks)
  • Trusted by other users (a user's contribution history and message wall will make this abundantly clear)


If you think you are fit to become a rollback, feel free to submit a request below. However, you must provide reasoning why you are a good fit.

A good sample of a request (the format, rather than the text):

  • MasterOfMelons-Yes please, i request rollback rights, because i want to revert easy and quick a spammer's edits and help the wiki.
    • 61 edits is a bit quick to the gun for Rollback isn't it?
      Dragonballgtgoku «Talk Page/Contribs» 18:47, October 29, 2015 (UTC)

Please place all requests under this line:

  • Your Code Queen~ I would like to request rollback rights for multiple reasons. I understand I am fairly new here but however it displays me as new, I come here for references quite often. I stalk alot of wikia activities on those im active on and tend to check logs quite often as well. I know I do not have many edits but I am fairly good with CSS (through admins and above have access lol) Java, and html. Im an administrator on quite a few wikis, the main coder of troye sivans, I own my own, I have B'rights on quite a few but my personal fave is comet matrix because I mean, the owner taught me to code. I also am second in command on a roleplay wiki. I have been active on wikia since 2014 and im willing to step up to the plate to help a community. ^^ 15:41, February 9, 2017 (UTC)
    • Considering the large part you have been playing in updating various CSS and JS aspects of the wiki recently, I don't doubt your value to the wiki for even a second. The fact that you have offered your services as a coder for profile pages also shows you are invested in this wiki more than the average user. However, because you only began making contributions to the wiki for the first time the other day, I think we should postpone your request for a couple of weeks. This is out of fairness to users who have applied to be rollbacks in the past after being present on the wiki for much longer, and with more contributions. If you continue to be an active contributor on this wiki for a few more weeks, we can revisit your request at that time. SmileySmall
      -Sitb (talk) 18:28, February 9, 2017 (UTC)
  • NinjaDogDB~ I think that becoming a rollback will open new opportunities to help this wiki even more and keep it alive for players trying to find the information they need. I have enjoyed helping this wiki grow so far, and I will continue to help to keep this wiki up to date on the newest features. This wiki has been a great learning experience for me, and I hope to continue learning. I don't have that much anti-vandalism activity since I am not around usually when it happens, but I will revert any vandalism I come across in this wiki. So I would like to have rollback rights for these reasons above even though I don't think I have done enough on this wiki to earn these rights. 11:15, Febuary 14, 2017 (UTC)
    • I think you meet all the the criteria to be a rollback. You've been here for a little over a month and have already demonstrated a lot of activity. You have been especially helpful in categorizing our articles. I approve of your request! SmileySmall
      -Sitb (talk) 17:48, February 14, 2017 (UTC)

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