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Rollback is an additional tool used by some users on the wiki for fighting vandalism. A Rollback User is someone who has been granted the user rights to use this tool.

How rollback works

The rollback tool allows a user to undo multiple, back-to-back malicious edits made by a single user. It is one of the most useful methods for reverting vandalism quickly. Rollback users can see a [rollback] link in page history, on the most recent edit. By clicking "Rollback", all edits by the most recent contributor are undone, and the page is reverted to the state it was just before the target user began editing the page. The edit summary for the action is:

"Reverted edits by Example (talk | block) to last version by Example2".

  • It should be noted that all administrators have the tool by default.
  • A list of users who have been granted rollback user permissions on this wiki can be found here.

Requesting Rollback Permissions

Users can request rollback rights at the bottom of this page. Like requests for adminship, a community discussion is not needed. Instead, an administrator will see if the user's contributions and effort to improve the wiki are satisfactory. If the request is accepted, a Bureaucrat will grant rollback rights to the user.

(Archive of Requests 1)
(Archive of Requests 2)


There are a few things taken into consideration when a rollback request is reviewed. It is expected that the user requesting rollback rights meets some, if not all of the following criteria:

  • An acceptable amount of mainspace edits (about 400+ is a good start)
  • Anti-vandalism activities (undoing vandalism as it occurrs)
  • A reasonable level of activity on the wiki (the user has contributed to the wiki regularly, for at least a few weeks)
  • Trusted by other users (a user's contribution history and message wall will make this abundantly clear)

Current Requests

If you think you are fit to become a rollback, feel free to submit a request below. However, you must provide reasoning why you are a good fit.

A good sample of a request (the format, rather than the text):

  • MasterOfMelons-Yes please, i request rollback rights, because i want to revert easy and quick a spammer's edits and help the wiki.
    • 61 edits is a bit quick to the gun for Rollback isn't it?
      Dragonballgtgoku «Talk Page/Contribs» 18:47, October 29, 2015 (UTC)

Please place all requests under this line:


(I am just going to assume Sitb is the one reviewing this) As told by the title, I would like Rollback status. I believe that after my month of activity on the wiki, I have a deep understanding of it and am ready to help on the next level. Quite frankly, I have not encountered actual vandalism on the wiki. However, like the Boy Scout motto, it is best to be prepared; the more rollbacks, the more likely it is that someone will be on during the time of vandalism, or at least shortly thereafter, to revert it quickly. It has been recommended to have at least four hundred edits to be considered for this tool; I have around 500 (I very recently earned the badge), and in your moderation of the wiki, you have probably encountered many of them first-hand and know they have a positive impact on the wiki. My best accomplishments? Adding the scoreboard page; updating the smelting and dungeon loot categories significantly; providing information on 1.12 (although on Parrots, I just left a lot of notes in the hopes someone would compose the article for me while I did other stuff (which never happened)); and getting a lot of admin-level content fixed via many messages to you. My interactions with you and my contributions to the wiki say the most about me; however, there also a few times I have directly help community members, such as when NinjaDogDB thought I could help MonikaRocks with a command (which I did help with, but not before they fixed it themselves). All in all, I believe I am deserving of this tool and feel ready for it.

I approve of your request. You are currently one of our most active users, with a clear interest in improving the wiki. I'm certain you can be trusted with this tool. SmileySmall
-Sitb (talk) 13:23, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

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