This is an area where Userboxes get approval.

Userbox Guidelines

  • Userboxes must relate to Minecraft or Minecraft Wiki.
  • Colors should match properly with the image
  • All userboxes need to be approved by an administrator before they can be added to the approved list.
  • Images in a userbox should be AT LEAST 55px (with a few exceptions, depending on the aspect ratio of the image).
  • Font must be readable, but not too big.
  • The userbox should be similar in size to those already on the approved list.
  • List of colors


QuickWhitt7 (talk)

  • This user has watched MineCon Earth. (Denied)
  • This user is on Minecraft Forums as USERNAME. (Denied)
  • This user is on Planet Minecraft as USERNAME. (Denied)
  • This user is on Reddit as USERNAME. (Denied)
  • This user is on Twitter as USERNAME. (Denied)
  • This user likes to build. (Approved)
  • This user likes to explore. (Approved)
  • This user likes to fight. (Approved)
  • This user likes to mine. (Approved)
  • This user prefers multiplayer over singleplayer. (Approved, reworded as "This user prefers multiplayer game mode.")
  • This user prefers singleplayer over multiplayer. (Approved, reworded as "This user prefers single player game mode.")
  • This user loves singleplayer and multiplayer equally. (Approved, reworded as "This user plays both single player and multiplayer game modes.")
  • This user loves Desert biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is desert!")
  • This user loves Plains biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is plains!")
  • This user loves Swamp biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is swamp!")
  • This user loves Jungle biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is jungle!")
  • This user loves Snow biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is snow!")
  • This user loves Extreme Hills biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is extreme hills!")
  • This user loves Ocean biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is ocean!")
  • This user loves Mushroom biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is mushroom island!")
  • This user loves Mesa biomes. (Approved, reworded as "This user's favorite biome is mesa!")

Hi QuickWhitt7,
I've gone through your list of requests and approved most of them (see above). Some have been re-worded a bit, and we could maybe modify the existing "loveforest" userbox, to make it similar to these new biome-specific ones. The five requests that I denied, were because that information could easily be written in text on a userpage, and userboxes like those don't really tell people anything about the user's playstyle and overall in-game experience.
Sitb (talk) 14:54, October 6, 2017 (UTC)


  • This user owns Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch (Approved)
Approved! -Sitb (talk) 14:54, October 6, 2017 (UTC)

For Approval


Block of Redstone This user's favorite block is the Redstone Block!
Diamond axe This user's favorite tool is the Diamond Axe!
  • I'm not sure how I feel about having userboxes which simply proclaim a user's favorite item or block. There are just so, so many items in the game that approving one userbox of this type would create an obligation for us to approve a userbox for every single item or block in Minecraft, if they are ever requested. This could drastically inflate the userbox list, drowning out userboxes which provide more meaningful info, ones that users are more likely to use on their profile pages. The userboxes have worked well thus far in being able to highlight general, fun facts about a user's play-style and experience. If a user were to simply list all of his/her favorite items, blocks etc on their profile page, it would be more indicative of what we would most likely find in their inventory, rather than the type of player they are.

    That being said, I can think of a more suitable way in which we could incorporate some types of items into userboxes. We could, for example, have one stating something along the lines of "This user's weapon of choice is ______". This would not necessarily be simply listing the player's favorite item, but rather their style of combat.
    -Sitb (talk) 16:31, July 19, 2016 (UTC)


Papercraft Userboxes has downloaded Minecraft PaperCraft Studions from the App Store.


Egg This user likes eggs!

Bow This user likes the Bow over the Sword!!!

Rawchicken This user likes chicken!!!!

Shovel Anim This user's favorite tool is the shovel!

Brick This user loves bricks!

FireBlock This user likes to burn things!

Ender Eye This user has collected all Eyes of Ender!

Sapling This user hates Saplings!

150px-Wither This user has defeated the Wither!!

Tobuscus minecraft skin This user is a fan of Toby!

Milk This user likes milk!

Bottle o' Enchanting This user likes bottles o' enchanting!

Snowgolemhead This user likes Snow Golems!

Vg face This user likes Iron Golems!

ChickenFace This user is afraid of Chickens!

Silverfish This user is afraid of Silverfish!

Sword This user likes to use the Sword!

150px-Bat This user is afraid of Bats!

Mushroom Stew This user likes Mushroom Stew!

Mc camera This user likes photography!

Cyan Flower This user likes flowers!

Wither Skeleton Skull This user likes to collect the heads of their enemies!

Redstone (Ore) This user's favorite ore is Redstone!

Oldcarrot This user hates vegetables!

Melonslice This user likes Fruit!

Enchantment Table This user likes to cast spells!

Emerald This user has found emeralds!

Calf This user loves baby animals!

100px-Steve This user has no clue what this is....

Pumpkin Pie This user likes pie!

Glowstonedust This user likes glowstone dust!

RawFish This user hates fishing!

Ender Chest This user has the Ender Chest

Melonseeds This user loves farming!

Snowball This user likes snow!

Paper This user likes to write!

Musicdiscgreen This user likes to listen to music!

Pickaxe Anim This user's favorite tool is the pickaxe!

The text is to large, fix that please. Sharple Talk/Contributes 18:20, November 30, 2012 (UTC)


Pigman This user's favorite mob is Pigmen and wants that to be made in the next update!


Redstonedust This user likes Redstone!


Sheep This user likes sheep!