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The content of this page is not supported by Mojang AB, and primarily pertains to PC versions of Minecraft. This wiki does not detail specific mod centent. Generally speaking, only information from official Minecraft releases is detailed in articles.

mod (short for "Modification") is a package that one can put into their mods folder or into minecraft.jar, often resulting in game-play being changed in certain ways.

Effects of Mods

Mods are add-ons used for various purposes. They can be used to make your game easier, harder, add more monsters, create servers easily, add items to your game, new features, add new worlds, a few even change your game completely. Mods are normally uploaded by the players themselves and can be found on sites such as the minecraft forums or on Planetminecraft.

Installing a mod may have varying effects on game-play, such as:

  • New items/blocks
  • New mobs
  • New or changed AI for (existing) mobs
  • New or changed game-play mechanisms
  • Fixes for the game or other mods (uncommon)
  • Support for texture packs with higher resolutions
  • APIs for making mods easier and/or preventing conflicts between mods(a good example is ModLoader)

Mods are almost never officially supported by Mojang AB, but very rarely, mods get officially added to the game. An example mod that was added to vanilla Minecraft is McRegion, which was added to the game in Beta. This mod created a much more compact and faster way of storing worlds. An example of a popular and massive mod would be orespawn.

Players should be careful while installing mods into Minecraft, as they will sometimes make Minecraft crash, and can even corrupt save data if installed wrong. Additionally, mods that are from an unknown or little known source should be scanned for viruses before use, as it is possible the downloaded files may contain one.

One example of a particular mod is the "Lucky Block" Mod, which spawns Lucky Blocks randomly in the world, bestowing either positive or negative effects. For example, a Lucky Block could spawn "Mr. Rainbow", which spawns many Sheep with various colors of Wool.

Caution about Mods

Before modifying your Minecraft, make sure your current version does not crash. Back up your worlds and also be aware that mods are unsupported by Mojang. They won't be able to help you if anything happens to your Minecraft game. When there is a new update, the Minecraft mod or mods that you have installed will not work unless you use the version it was intended for. It is therefore recommended to delete all the modifications in your "mods" folder before installing any new mods to your Minecraft, as some mods will crash your game if they are used together.

Making Backups

In order to make a Minecraft backup you can simply Locate your minecraft.jar folder in /[your username]/AppData/Roaming. Next, simply right-click the minecraft.jar file. Create a new folder (you may want to call it Minecraft Backup) anywhere on your hard drive and paste the minecraft.jar file into this new folder. Finally, rename the minecraft.jar file to something like "Minecraft Backup".

Installing Mods

  1. Download the mod files and the other mods it requires
  2. Press start and type "%appdata%" without the quotes
  3. Click Roaming
  4. Click .minecraft
  5. Open the bin folder
  6. open minecraft.jar (may appear as minecraft) with an archiving software (7zip, WInRAR, WinZIP etc.)
  7. Close minecraft (if open)
  8. Delete the META-INF folder as it stops mods from working at all
  9. Open up the mod (it is a folder but should appear as the archiving software's icon).
  10. Open up the mods it requires (same as up there ^).
  11. Drag everything in the required mod's and the mod's folders into minecraft.jar, but DO NOT drag it into one of those folders.
  12. Close all of those windows, then open Minecraft, and test it.
  13. Your mod should work now.

Remember that every time Minecraft updates, it will delete every mod and its memory (in the minecraft client only the folders will stay), and you must install new mods FOR THAT VERSION OF MINECRAFT.


  • In order for mods to work and run correctly on Minecraft, the mod creators use mod plugins such as Minecraft Forge, Forge API, etc.

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