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mod is a package that one can put into their mods folder or into minecraft.jar, often resulting in gameplay being changed in certain ways, such as:

  • New items/blocks
  • New mobs
  • New or changed AI for (existing) mobs
  • New or changed gameplay mechanisms
  • Fixes for the game or other mods (uncommon)
  • Support for texture packs with higher resolutions
  • APIs for making mods easier and/or preventing conflicts between mods(a good example is ModLoader)

Mods are almost never officially supported by Mojang AB, but very rarely, mods get officially added to the game. An example mod that was added to vanilla Minecraft is McRegion, which was added to the game in Beta. This mod created a much more compact and faster way of storing worlds. An example of a popular and massive mod would be orespawn

Players should be careful while installing mods into Minecraft, as they will sometimes make Minecraft crash and can even corrupt save data if installed wrong. Additionally, mods that are from an unknown or little known source should be scanned for virues before use, as it is possible for them to contain viruses.

Some mods include the Lucky Block Mod, which spawns Lucky Blocks randomly in the world, which include good or bad things. Some things found in Lucky Blocks are Mr. Rainbow, which spawns tons of sheep in all kinds of wool.


  • In order for mods to work and run correctly on Minecraft, the mod creators use mod plugins such as Minecraft Forge, Forge API, etc.

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