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Multiplayer is one of the two primary game modes in Minecraft, the other being single-player. It features Creative Mode, Hardcore and Survival Mode like single-player.


Hosting is a server is a complicated process, and should not be undertaken by individuals with little to no hosting experience. An alternative for inexperienced individuals is Minecraft Realms, where, for a small fee, Minecraft will host a server for you.

Hosting a server that will run smoothly and have high uptime requires both dedicated hardware and bandwidth. A high quality computer, along with great internet, is sufficient for use as both a host and for use as a computer so long as the server is lightly used.

Very large servers usually pay money to a hosting company to host their server for them. The hosting company will give them a set-aside amount of computing power, as well as a specific bandwidth. Since everything is set aside, it means that players will experience little to no ping delays as their data runs through the server.

Server Software

Many servers run standard Minecraft Vanilla software, but some run highly modded versions such as Bukkit, while other servers use plug-ins.


Plug-ins are sort of like mods in that they change the way that the game functions, but does it at a smaller scale. Plug-ins also do not require any software installation. They can be run by any computer that has Minecraft installed. Plug-ins have many capabilities and most commonly are used for changing between servers, allowing colored fonts, functional elevators, scorekeeping systems, and level keeping systems.


Modded servers require that a player downloads all of the specific mods before playing, or else the player will be incapable of joining. Some servers use a variety of mods that are installed at the owner's digression, while others use mod packs, such as Bukkit, that eliminate the hassle of individually downloading every mod.

Player Interaction

There are many ways for players to interact, such as speaking, teleporting, and transferring of items.


Players can speak to each other by clicking the "T" Key, typing a message, and then clicking "Enter" so that everyone on the server can hear. Some servers have plug-in commands, such as /tell "player" "message", so that messages can be private, or commands such /tc, so that everything written will only be visible to people in one's town.


Teleporting can also be performed in various ways on many servers, thanks to plug-ins. Some common teleports are

  • /Spawn - Takes a player to the server spawn
  • /Warp "city" - Takes a player to a specific area within the server
  • /TP - Teleports the player to another player
  • /TPHere - Teleports another player to the player
  • /Lobby - Takes the player out of a minigame and into the lobby

Sharing of Items

Items can be simply shared by throwing them at one another with the "Q" key. Some servers use plug-ins in order to allow shops where players can buy and sell items from the server. Other servers have shops where players can only buy and sell from one another. Some modded servers have direct trading mods enabled so that players can enter a trading screen and approve the transfer of items in a way similar to Runescape.

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