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257 This article is about multiplayer experiences and content and is not considered integral to the main experience of Minecraft. Some aspects of this article may differ between separate multiplayer servers. 257
The content featured in this page is about a feature that is not supported by Mojang.

Online Economy is a feature in Minecraft Multiplayer. The Online Economy is used to create a currency within the server without having to use an item as a currency.


The online economy can be used in-place of items. There are several plugins that are compatible with the economy feature; including the FloAuction, which allows players to auction items off to other users for a currency amount. Some servers include shops at spawnpoints that allow you to buy and/or sell blocks, this sparing the time of the player by allowing them to buy the block instead of them having to obtain it. Buying/selling is not only held to blocks, but can also be used on items in stores.

Money can be given to other players using the /pay command (that works as /pay <amount> <player>). Money can also be donated to a faction, so they can claim land with it.


  • Before the Online Economy feature, a common currency in multiplayer servers would be gold nuggets.

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