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Mushroom Island
A mushroom island

Accessible by:

Swimming or riding in a Boat. When it is connected to mainland, it can be also accessed on foot.



Environmental Features:

Hilly terrain covered in Mycelium and Mushrooms



A Mushroom Island is an extremely rare Biome, that is generally considered the most rare/unique of all biomes.



Mycelium is a somewhat rare block considering that it can only be found on one biome.

Mushroom Biomes are typically separated from all other biomes and are usually found alone in the Ocean. Mushroom Biomes usually consist of only blocks of Mycelium on the surface. Mycelium is only obtainable by using a shovel enchanted with Silk Touch, otherwise, it will turn into dirt. Giant Mushrooms can be found all over Mushroom Biomes, as well as regular-sized ones. Mushroom Biomes are rather devoid of life aside from the occasional Mooshroom.



Mooshrooms spawn in mushroom biomes.

Mushroom Islands have their own unique mob found only in this environment; the Mooshroom. Mooshrooms are an odd mix between cows and red mushrooms, and they can be considered the most valuable of all farming mobs. Mooshrooms can provide beef, leather, they can be sheared in order to get red mushrooms, and they will produce mushroom stew when a player 'milks' one while holding a bowl as well as providing Milk if the player uses a Bucket instead of a Bowl. Hostile mobs won't spawn here which makes the islands safe to call home as well as to mine in. They are typically small in size, but occasionally a larger island may be encountered.


  • Mushroom biomes will not spawn any monsters/mobs both in the day and at night, including caves and underground areas, only if they are located under/within a mushroom biome. If there is a Mob Spawner (either created by the player or found naturally), it will still spawn their respective mob until it is destroyed.
  • Mushroom biomes are one of the most hilly biome types in Minecraft, so they can be very inconvenient to build on sometimes.
  • In console editions, since mushroom islands spawn beside (or entirely within) Ocean biomes, and oceans are more common around the edge of the world, mushroom biomes are coincidentally more common toward the edge of a Minecraft world.

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