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NBT tags are used to specify information for items and entities created with the "/give", "/summon", "/tellraw" (for the JSON message), "/fill", "/blockdata", "/setblock", and "/clear" commands.

Each tag has the format <tagname>:<value> ; multiple tags are separated by commas. The contents of List tags are enclosed in square brackets [], while the contents of Compound tags are enclosed in curly braces {} – note that the entire data tag is itself a Compound tag. Tag names are case-sensitive.

NBT Tags (Data Tags)

Entities (/summon)

All Mobs

HealF: {}Amount of health the entity has.

Equipment: []What the entity is holding or what it is wearing.

|_ {}A piece of equipment. Slot 0 is what the entity is holding, 1 is the boots, 2 is the leggings, 3 is the chestplate, and 4 is the helmet or hat. A slot can be kept empty.

       |_ id: The ID of the item the entity is holding or wearing.
       |_ tag: {}Other information of the item.

CustomName: The name of this entity. Doesn't work for some entities.

CustomNameVisible: (0/1) 0 is false, 1 is true. If set to false, the CustomName will only show if your cursor is pointing at it. If set to true, the Name tag will always stay until the entity disappears.


Age: {}Amount of ticks that this item has been in the world for. When this reaches 6000 (5mins), the item will be destroyed.

Item: {}The ID and other info of an item.

|_ id: The ID of the item.

|_ tag: {}Other info of the item.


IsBaby: (0/1) 0 is false, 1 is true. If value is 1, this zombie is a baby.

IsVillager: (0/1) 0 is false, 1 is true. If value is 1, this zombie is a villager.

Blocks ("/setblock" or "/fill")


Items: []The ID and other info of an item.

|_ id: {}The ID of the item.

|_ Slot: {}The slot number. Note that this starts at 0, not 1.

|_ tag: {}Other info of the item.

Items (/give)

All Items

ench: Enchantments on the item.

|_ An enchant. (List)

       |_ id: The ID of the enchant.
       |_ lvl: The level of the enchant. Range is -32768 to 32767.

display: Display properties.

|_ Name: The Custom Name of the item. Range of characters that can be used seems to be infinite.

|_ color: The Custom Color of Leather Armor.

|_ Lore: The description of an item.

       |_ A line of text. Separate lines of text with a comma.


CustomPotionEffects: Custom effects that a potion will have.

|_ A potion effect.

       |_ Id: The ID of the effect.
       |_ Duration: The duration of the potion effect.
       |_ Amplifier: The potency (+1) of the effect. Kept at 0 to keep a level 1
       |_ Ambient: (0/1) 0 is false, 1 is true. True if the effect is provided
by a beacon and thus should be less intrusive on screen.

Written Book

author: The author of the book.

title: The title of the book.

pages: The pages in the book.

|_ A page. Separate pages with a comma.


Unbreakable: (0/1) 0 is false, 1 is true. If value is 1, the tool will never lose durability.

CanDestroy: What blocks this tool can destroy when in adventure mode.

|_ A block ID.

Title and Tellraw

/title: /title (PlayerName) [(sub)title] {text:"PutTextHere",color:"PutColorHere"},(Optional){text:"MoreTextHere",color"PutColorHere"} (Add [] to enclose if doing multiple text tags)

/tellraw: /tellraw (PlayerName) {text:"PutTextHere",color:"PutColorHere"},(Optional){text:"PutTextHere",color:"PutColorHere"} (Add [] to enclose if doing multiple text tags)

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