Unlike their more common counterparts, (the Villagers), NPCs do not spawn naturally, however, they have a spawn egg in the creative inventory. It can also be summoned by 


using commands (/summon npc ~ ~ ~).

NPCs have a custom name when spawned: §eNPC.

NPCs will show a "Talk" button if you tap and hold on them.

NPCs Talk page could only be edited if the player has a permission as a world builder.

NPCs are passive mobs that have a mob model similar to villagers. They are 1 of 2 exclusive mobs to the Education Edition, the other being the agent. Much like Villagers, NPC's also have variants of themselves, and play different roles (similar to the diffrent robe color of the Villager). There are 10 diffrent skin types of NPC's. They also have a "talk" function.

NPCs make the same sound as Villagers, but do not move on there own and stand there. They can only be pushed by, commands, pistons, by riding boats or minecarts, or by the flow of fluids. NPCs are invincible to most attacks, and can only be killed by the /kill command or by falling into the Void .

The spawn egg for the NPC is also exclusive ot the Education Edition.

NPCs were also in Pocket edition, however they were removed. This happened in the 0.16.0 update, but were only added and removed in the beta versions.

There are 10 different skin types for the NPC.