Health Points: 20x Heart
Attack Strength: None
Drops: anything
Location: N/A
First Appearance: PE 0.16.0 alpha (build 1 to build 3)
Educational Edition 1.0
Network ID: 51
Experience Points: 0
Technical Name minecraft:npc


The NPC is a Pacific humanoid mob that was added in Pocket 0.16.0 alpha build 1 and was removed in 0.16.0 alpha build3, and in Educational Edition 1.0.


NPC can only be generated in the Educational Edition with /summon npc ~ ~ ~ or the spawning egg (teachers only). Unlike the Educational Edition npc could not be spawned using the spawning egg, it could only be spawned using mob_spawners or using a distructor and was only possible by version 0.16.0 build 1.

In the education edition, NPCs have a custom name when generated: (code §NPC/ code).

NPCs The page (code Talk / code) can only be edited if the player has permission as a world builder, however, in Pe, it is impossible to edit.

'NPCs' are passive mobs that have a mob model similar to that of a villager. They are 1 of 2 mobs exclusive to Education Edition, the other being the agent. Like villagers, NPCs also have variants of themselves and play different roles (similar to the color of the mantle than the villager). There are 20 different skin types of NPCs. They also have a "chat" function.

NPCs do the same sound as Villagers, but do not move. They can only be pushed by, commands, pistons, riding boats or minecarts or by the flow of fluids (however feather pistons and fluids give in E). NPCs are invincible for most attacks, and can only be killed by the / kill command (impossible in PE) or falling on Void.

There are 20 different skin types for the NPC.



  • Like the other items and mobs of the educational edition in version 0.16.0 build 1 in PE when they were added they were broken.
  • The npcs of the PE were extremely different from the Educational Edition while in PE they did not move with boats or minecarts, it was impossible to use commands with them, the spawning egg did not work being necessary the help of mob_spawner or a distributor to generate and only exudes a texture.
  • As with most of the items and the Educational Edition mobs, they were removed in build 2 however the spawning egg remained until build 3 and there is still the texture of the NPC.


NPC PE mob spawner