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The Nether Spire

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Rooms of the Nether Spire

The Nether Spire is a tall structure, exclusive to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, that could previously be generated by activating the Nether Reactor. This structure is now obsolete, due to the implementation of The Nether, which is more resourceful and complete than the nether reactor.

The nether spire was completely made out of Netherrack (formerly Obsidian, before netherrack was implemented). After the nether reactor's "energy" ran out, the spire would become damaged, with several holes that allowed a player to exit the area. Time would also fast-forward to Night. The floor above the reactor contained an area where Mob-farming could be performed. If a player could make it to a higher place of the spire, it could be climbed. This was the only legitimate way to get netherrack in survival mode. If the nether reactor core was broken before mob/item spawning was finished, the nether spire would not break.