Night is the most dangerous time of a Minecraft day. It lasts about 7 minutes in real-time.


Night in a plains near a roofed forest biome.

Effects on Gameplay

During nighttime, the Moon is the primary source of natural light, but it only provides a light level of 4 which makes it very hard to see during this time.

The primary danger during the night are the hostile Mobs that spawn. Most of the Overworld's hostile mobs will spawn in the darkness. This includes Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Endermen, Creepers, Spider Jockeys and Chicken Jockeys.

Slimes will also spawn during the night in Swamp Biomes, but this actually depends on the moon's lunar cycle. During a new moon, no slimes will spawn, but during a full moon, a lot of slimes will spawn.

During the night, Villagers will stay in their homes. Any villagers that are caught out at night will still attempt to go indoors. Also during the night, Villages can experience sieges where groups of Zombies will attempt to break down the Doors of the houses in order to kill the villagers inside.

During the night, a player can sleep in a bed in order to skip the night, but this only works if there are no hostile mobs that are too close.

Night proceeds to dawn which in turn leads to Day.

Survival Tips

  • Do not venture outside at night unless familiar with the terrain, equipped with a full set of good Armor (preferably Iron), and in possession of a weapon, such as a Sword.
  • Be aware of a player's surroundings. Don't allow one's self to be potentially outflanked by mobs.
  • If it's a player's first night and they're unarmed and without armor, then dig a 1x3 hole in the ground and "cap" it with Dirt. a player will be able to hide from hostile mobs until Dawn.
  • The Night is one of the best times to harvest items commonly obtained from hostile mobs, such as Rotten Flesh (Zombies), Bones and Arrows (Skeleton), Spider Eyes and String (Spiders).


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