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Nomadic Style is a style of gameplay where you are a nomad and must move every day. This style of gameplay is for the more experienced players who have already mastered survival mode. It is harder to play it in the console editions, as the world size limits the player's ability to find unexplored areas, and is also harder in superflat worlds, as there are very few resources available. Resources are required because if there are no resources, you will be fighting monsters.

Homes and Shelters

Huge Mushrooms

Mushroom House

A example of a red mushroom house

The most recognized Nomadic style shelter is the huge mushroom. This "Shroom Shelter" is a great nomadic style house because if you are smart enough you will dismantle your house at dawn and hopefully gain another small mushroom which you can use for shelter the next night. The red mushroom is the more popular choice because it spawns a protective canopy over your head and just enough space for a bed and crafting table.

Brown Mushrooms

Brown mushrooms are also an excellent nomadic style shelter. You can use a ladder to climb up to the top of it to put down your bed and other necessities. The brown mushroom is also significantly larger than the red mushroom.

Ice Spikes


An example of a simple ice spike house

Ice spike homes are also great nomadic style shelters. They provide lots of space (and possibly multiple floors), but ice spike biomes are extremely rare. It would be uncommon and very lucky to find one.

Instant Shelters

Instant shelters are just what they sound like. An instant shelter is a house you could build in your first five minutes. A dirt pole with a bed on top is one. Or you could dig down and make a hole in the ground. Remember that glass, chests, etc. are a luxury; if you're going to be traveling away in the morning why do you need glass anyway?

Instant shelter

A bed on a dirt pole

Managing Your Inventory

Managing your inventory is very crucial to your survival. Carry as little things with you as possible. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Carry logs instead of planks
  • Carry sticks in place of planks
  • Place all tools/weapons in hotbar.
  • If you can't put it in a chest then throw it away, you never know what you might need.

Keep everything neat!


Exploring caves is crucial to survival in regular Minecraft, but in nomadic gameplay, it is not needed any more. A smart nomad does not have to rely on high tier tools to survive. Iron or even stone tools are preferred for this style of gameplay.

Superflat Nomadic Survival Hints

  • Turn on Generated Structures unless you have mastered all other (excluding AMPLIFIED) styles of Nomadic Survival.
  • Beware of slimes.
  • Take any resources you find.

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