First Appearance Pocket Edition update: 0.15.0, PC Snapshot 16w03a
Type of Block Redstone
Technical Name minecraft:observer
Blast Resistance No
Sapling inventory Come on! Grow up!

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Sapling inventory

An Observer was a block exclusive to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, added as part of the 0.15.0 update, but it is now available under the latest Minecraft PC/Mac Edition, since the 16w03a snapshot. It is a Redstone-compatible block.


The Observer has a small red dot on the back. The sides are similar to a Dispenser, but with a gray "belt" on them. The front is decorated with a stone face.


The Observer has two sides: a detector side, and an output side. The output side will create a one-redstone-tick (two game ticks, or 0.1 seconds) if the block at the detector side is updated or changed. For a more elaborate demonstration, click here.

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