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Ocean Monument
200px-Ocean monument
An ocean monument

Accessible by:

Swimming or Boat


Guardian, Elder Guardian, Squid

Environmental Features:

Fully or partially-submerged pyramid structure made up of Prismarine, Sea Lanterns, Glass Panes and Sponge


A few levels of interconnected rooms and hallways

Ocean Monuments, also known as Ocean Temples, Water Temples, or Water Dungeons, are naturally-generated structures which appear in Ocean biomes.


An Ocean Monument consists of various types of Prismarine and is lit by Sea Lanterns. The monument consists of at least six rooms. These structures are large and pyramid-like. Inside the main entrance, there is a spire that goes up through the monument. At the top floor, there is an Elder Guardian that acts as a boss, though is not an official boss mob. One type of room has Wet Sponge covering the ceiling. In another room, several blocks can be found.


Ocean Monument/Gallery

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