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Health Points: 10HP (5x Heart)
Drops: None
Location: Jungle
First Appearance: 12w04a
Network ID: 98
Savegame ID: ocelot
Experience Points: 1-3

[view][talk] The Ocelot is a tamable animal mob that first appeared in Minecraft Snapshot 12w04a. Ocelots only spawn and are found in the Jungle Biome, which was also added in the Snapshot.


The Minecraft ocelot is based on real-life ocelots. They have yellow pelts with black spots, very similar to the real animal. They also have green eyes. The female is bigger than the male in real life.


Ocelots are very shy and quick-moving. If a player hits or surprises an ocelot, it will sprint away. Like wolves hunting sheep, ocelots will pounce on unsuspecting chickens after sneaking towards it. If you approach one too quickly or look around too quickly any nearby ocelots will run away. The player cannot catch one by chasing it. If you stand still while holding Raw Fish, nearby ocelots will slowly walk towards you, wanting the fish.


You need to be holding raw fish straight, without looking around, not moving around, until an ocelot comes towards you and stops when right at your feet, at which point you feed the ocelot the raw fish by right-clicking. Once tamed, they will turn into a domestic cat and become either tabby, tuxedo-style, or a Siamese in pelt color.

  • Usually it will stare at you for a very long time before tamed. (Still, don't move around.)
  • The player cannot tame an ocelot if fish was fed to it by chasing, cornering, and trapping it, even if the ocelot can eat it this way.
  • Cooked fish cannot tame an ocelot.
  • While it's approaching, never jerk the camera or put your crosshairs on it.


Ocelots spawn during the day like passive mobs, except this is only in jungle biomes at certain levels. They also have their own Spawn Egg in Creative Mode, colored a dull yellow with blackish brownish spots.



Click for full ocelot gallery.


  • A chest can't be opened if opened if a tamed ocelot is sitting on it.
  • Ocelots might despawn. (tamed cats)
  • Ocelots can't despawn on peaceful.
  • Ocelots are recognized as hostile mobs in the coding, and because of this you can't find them in peaceful.
  • Creepers will run away from ocelots and cats because they are scared of cats. Therefore, this is perhaps the greatest use that ocelots and cats have.
  • Ocelots do not take fall damage, which is the same with Iron Golems and Magma Cubes.
  • A tamed wolf (dog) will always go after an ocelot you attacked. Even if you manage to tame the ocelot (making it a cat) before the dog gets to it, the dog will still attack and kill it.
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