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Olivia in Minecraft: Story Mode'




First appearance

"The Order of The Stone"


"The Order of The Stone" to present

Voice actors

Martha Plimpton


Minecraft: Story Mode

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Olivia is one of the main characters in Minecraft: Story Mode. She is a friendly, somewhat nerdy member of Jesse's gang. She is an expert builder, especially proficient at constructing Redstone contraptions.


   Olivia is a Redstone expert. When you first start the game, she asks you the theoretical question: would you rather fight a hundred chicken sized zombies, or ten zombie sized chickens? She then goes on to show you her latest Redstone creation. Her idol is Ellegard, which is quite clear, because they are both Redstone prodigies. If you go with her to get Ellegard from her high-tech village, you can see that when Ellegard asks Olivia for help with her experiment—a command block— she faints. If you go with Axel to Boom Town, once you come back and Olivia got Ellegard, it is implied that she kinda embarrassed herself. She is strong and faithful, and a great companion.


Olivia has dark skin, black eyes, and black hair. She usually wears a green beanie cap with pearl earrings. Her usual outfit consists of a white and grey striped shirt, covered with a red apron. She wears black pants and boots. Her armor is red, white, and brown, with a red crystal in the center.

Minecraft: Story Mode

  1. "The Order of the Stone"
  2. "Assembly Required"
  3. "The Last Place You Look"
  4. "A Block and a Hard Place"
  5. "Order Up!"
  6. "A Journey's End"