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Order of the Stone






Soren, Gabriel, Ellegaard, Magnus, Ivor (formerly)

First Appearence

The Order of the Stone


Minecraft: Story Mode

The Order of the Stone is a group of heroes in Minecraft: Story Mode. They are experts in fighting, building, Griefing, Redstone-ing, Brewing, and Enchanting. Legends say that they killed the Ender Dragon.


The Order of the Stone contains these members:

  • Soren - a great architect and the leader of the Order
  • Gabriel - the legendary warrior
  • Ellegaard - an expert redstone engineer
  • Magnus - the master of griefing
  • Ivor (formerly) - a brewer and an enchanter


  • It was said that the Order destroyed the Ender Crystals to kill the Ender Dragon, but in reality, Soren used the Command Block to kill it.
    • This was why Ivor left the Order and spawned a Wither Storm to take revenge on the Order of the Stone.
  • The name may come from Minecraft: Order of the Stone, a previous title for Minecraft.[1]


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