Particles are type of visual effect often encountered in Minecraft. They appear in a variety of situations, and vary in appearance.


Particles are typically released as part of a spell, attack, or upon activation of a Status Effect, but they can also constantly emerge from certain objects. /particle can summon any particle with a variety of parameters; naturally, however, particle effects appear in the following situations:

Water Effects

Minecraft rain

Rain particle effects.

  • Boats travelling over water create water splashes
  • Bubbles and splash effects occur around any Entity in Water
  • A Guardian's laser beam attack produces bubbles
  • Bubbles appear while Fishing
  • Wolves shake off droplets after coming out of Water
  • Droplets fall from the bottom of any Blocks with water above them
  • Rain
  • Snow

Fire Effects


A fire particle effect.

Mob and Combat Effects

Ocelot taming

Heart particles that appear when Taming an animal.

Block and Item Effects


Smoke and explosion particle effects on a block of primed TNT.

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