Pigman Jockey
Pigman jockey
A rare, neutral mob that has a 0.25% chance of spawning.
Health Points: Baby Zombie Pigman
20HP (10x Heart)

2HP (1x Heart)

Attack Strength: Easy
10HP (5x Heart)

18HP (9x Heart)

26HP (13x Heart)

Drops: 0–1 Rotten Flesh, 0–1 Gold Nuggets, and a Golden Sword.
Location: Any 2 block high space, in any light level in the Nether
First Appearance: 1.7.4 (Snapshot 13w49a)
Experience Points: 12 (from the Baby Zombie Pigman), 10 (from the Chicken)


Pigman Jockeys are very rare, neutral mobs that have a 5% chance of spawning through a spawn egg, when lightning strikes within 4 blocks of a baby Pig, or by naturally spawning in The Nether. The chance decreases to 0.25% if any of the 3 spawning methods occur in a chicken-free environment.


Pigman jockeys are unique in terms of its attacking methods. If a player attacks one, it will not give chase. However, it will hit its attacker if they get too close to it. This makes it very easy to kill by almost any means. It is recommended to: equip a Sword, keep some distance between a player and the pigman jockey, and hit the baby Zombie Pigman until it dies. However, due to the fact that the Chicken can wander off in any direction it wants to, the chicken may go towards a player, thus giving the pigman jockey a chance to kill a player. However, the chance of that happening is infrequent, and it can be prevented by using a Bow.


Pigman jockeys drop: 0–1 rotten flesh, 0–1 gold nuggets, and a golden sword, on the baby zombie pigman's part. They can also drop 1 raw chicken (1 cooked chicken if the chicken itself is killed while on fire) and 0–2 feathers, on the chicken's part. Since baby zombie pigmen have a 5% chance of mounting a nearby chicken, they can also drop the weapons or armor the baby zombie pigman had before riding the chicken. However, since chickens cannot spawn by themselves in the Nether, a player will need to get a chicken spawn egg or kill a baby zombie pigman that is riding on a chicken in order for this to happen.


  • This jockey is the only jockey that is completely neutral.
  • The wither can harm the baby zombie pigman even though it is an undead mob. This is due to the chicken not being an undead mob.
  • The pigman jockey mob gives chickens the ability to spawn in the Nether; but only as a part of the jockey.
  • This jockey and Wither Skeleton Jockeys are the only jockeys that can naturally spawn in the Nether.
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