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A plugin (or a multiplayer plug-in) is an additive file for a Minecraft multiplayer server. Plugins are often used to change certain aspects of the game, such as adding user rankings, or the addition of a "factions" gamemode. Plugins do not change the game itself, like a mod does. After a plugin is installed on a server, it can be found on the "help" page by typing /help.

List of plugins

There are lots of plugins for multiplayer servers to use. Here are a list of plugins.

Economy Plugin


The economy plugin creates a money system that players can earn and they can use the money to buy items using signs that act as a shop and when a player clicks on the sign it will give the item to them and use the money.

Groups Plugin


This plugin helps categorize players on your Multiplayer server. For example, you can set a user's group using /setgroup <name> <group> and you can create groups using /addgroup and you can use the starter groups like Guest, Member, Builder, Mod, Admin, CoOwner, Owner. You can make custom groups using the /addgroup command to add a group to your character. Groups can also appear in chat. Groups appear as [GroupName]

Factions Pro

Factions Pro is the well known plugin that includes factions. Factions is a multiplayer Minecraft mini-game that is used on servers and it is based on creating a team and it includes PvP. There are some basic Factions Pro commands like /f create <Faction> or /f del to disband your current faction. Factions is a very fun mini-game that lets you battle others.