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Poisonous Potato
Poisonous Potato
Type Food
First Appearance 12w34a (1.4.1)
Data Values Hex: 18A


A Poisonous Potato is a food item that can be obtained (5% chance) by harvesting a regular potato plant. A poisonous potato can cause rapid damage to the player if eaten (similar to a Spider Eye). However, it is not quite as dangerous, because it only has a 60% chance of poisoning the player rather than a certain chance. When obtained, the poisonous potato cannot be baked or planted like a normal Potato. These were added in the Pretty Scary Update (1.4.2).


  • If you get poisoned by a poisonous potato it'll give you "Poison" for 5 seconds.
  • Eating one of these at night is very risky, as it'll fill the hunger bar but deplete your health. If you come face to face with something like a skeleton or zombie, you will have a higher chance of death than you normally would.
  • You can tell if a potato is poisonous because normal potatoes do not have green around them.
    • Another way to tell is that it will not stack with regular potatoes.

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