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A Potion is a unique item in the game that can give you special abilities. You can make a potion out of a variety of materials. Potions can be brewed in a Brewing Stand which is crafted with 3 cobblestone and a blaze rod, which you can obtain by killing a Blaze. The main starter ingredient to potions are Nether Warts; they can be started with other ingredients but easiest using the Nether Wart.

Making Potions

  1. You will require a brewing stand, Glass Bottle (can be crafted using 3 glass), and a Water Source to fill the bottles (i.e. a lake, a cauldron)
  2. Start by filling the Glass Bottles with water by right clicking on a water source, or a Cauldron. Once you have finished filling the bottles, you can begin Brewing.
  3. Slot your Water Bottles inside the Brewing Stand and put your first ingredient (Usually Nether Warts) in the top slot.When it finishes brewing, you should have an Awkward Potion if you used a nether wart.
  4. Once you have an Awkward Potion, you can put other ingredients in the top slot to create several different effects.

TIP: If you're not sure what ingredients do what, read on to Potion Recipes.


Ingredients have a wide range of effects, most of which develop the type of potion, with a few ingredients that specify the potion.


Bases are key ingredients that typically start of the brewing process. Bases are the first ingredient added. The most commonly used base is the Nether Wart as it trails-off to the largest range of possible potions.

Secondary Ingredients

Secondary ingredients are the ingredients that determine the type of potion (in other words, the effect).


Converters describe the aspects of the current potion. It can alter length-of-effect, positivity, or use.

Potion Recipes

Weakness (1:30)

Fermented Spider Eye

Weakness Extended (4:00)

Fermented Spider Eye → Redstone Dust

Strength (3:00)

Nether Wart → Blaze Powder

Strength Extended (8:00)

Nether Wart → Blaze Powder → Redstone Dust

Strength II (1:30)

Nether Wart →  Blaze Powder →  Glowstone Dust

Regeneration (0:45)

Nether Wart →  Ghast Tear

Regeneration Extended (2:00)

Nether Wart →  Ghast Tear →  Redstone Dust

Regeneration II (0:22)

Nether Wart →  Ghast Tear →  Glowstone Dust

Swiftness (3:00)

Nether Wart →  Sugar

Swiftness Extended (8:00)

Nether wart →  Sugar →  Redstone Dust

Swiftness II (1:30)

Nether Wart →  Sugar →  Glowstone Dust

Slowness (1:30)

Nether Wart →  Sugar →  Fermented Spider Eye

Nether Wart →  Magma Cream →  Fermented Spider Eye

Slowness Extended (3:00)

Nether Wart →  Sugar →  Fermented Spider Eye ↔  Redstone Dust

Nether Wart →  Magma Cream →  Fermented Spider Eye ↔  Redstone Dust

Healing (Instant)

Nether Wart →  Glistering Melon

Healing II (Instant)

Nether Wart →  Glistering Melon →  Glowstone Dust

Harming (Instant)

Nether Wart →  Glistering Melon →  Fermented Spider Eye

Nether Wart →  Spider Eye →  Fermented Spider Eye

Harming II (Instant)

Nether Wart →  Glistering Melon →  Fermented Spider Eye ↔  Glowstone Dust

Nether Wart →  Spider Eye →  Fermented Spider Eye ↔  Glowstone Dust

Poison (0:45)

Nether Wart →  Spider Eye

Poison Extended (2:00)

Nether Wart →  Spider Eye →  Redstone Dust

Poison II (0:22)

Nether Wart →  Spider Eye →  Glowstone Dust

Fire Resistance (3:00)

Nether Wart →  Magma Cream

Fire Resistance Extended (8:00)

Nether Wart →  Magma Cream →  Redstone Dust

Night Vision (3:00)

Nether Wart →  Golden Carrot

Night Vision Extended (8:00)

Nether Wart →  Golden Carrot →  Redstone Dust

Invisibility (3:00)

Nether Wart →  Golden Carrot →  Fermented Spider Eye

Invisibility Extended (8:00)

Nether Wart →  Golden Carrot →  Fermented Spider Eye ↔  Redstone Dust

Water Breathing (3:00)

Nether Wart → Pufferfish

Water Breathing Extended (8:00)

Nether Wart → Pufferfish ↔  Redstone Dust

Leaping (3:00)

Nether Wart → Rabbit's Foot

Leaping II (1:30)

Nether Wart → Rabbit's Foot → Glowstone Dust

Levitation (?)

? → ? → ?

Luck (?)

? → ? → ?

Extending Potions

When reading the potion recipes, you probably ask what's the difference is between Poison, Poison II, and Poison ext? The regular poison potion has its normal affects that come naturally when first crafted. If you add Redstone Dust to it, it makes the potion last longer, thereby creating Poison ext (Adds ext. at the end of the potion name). If you add Glowstone Dust to it then it makes the potion more potent, meaning the effects are stronger, thereby creating Poison II (Adds a roman numeral equivalent to n+1 where n is how many time you have brewed that potion with another glowstone). This applies to most potions, save for potions with an instant effect (i.e. Harming or Healing.) which do not have the option of becoming ext. This is also true for potions with an effect that cannot have its potency increased (i.e. Invisibility since you cannot become even more invisible than you already are.) which do not have the option of gaining a roman numeral to its name.

Glowstone Dust- Increases the potency of any potion.

Redstone Dust- Extends the duration of any potion.

Potion Effects

The following effects only apply to the regular potion without any duration or potency extents.

  • Weakness - Reduces all melee attacks by 1 heart damage. This will also make it so a player cannot cause damage without a weapon.
  • Strength - Adds 1 and 1/2 heart damage to all melee attacks with or without a weapon.
  • Regeneration - Restores health over time by approximately 1 heart every 2.4 seconds.
  • Swiftness - Increases player's walking speed, sprinting speed, and jumping length by 20%.
  • Slowness - Player's movement is slowed to a crouch for 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Healing - Restores 3 hearts instantly.
  • Harming - Inflicts 3 hearts of damage.
  • Fire Resistance - Gives immunity to damage from fire, lava, and ranged Blaze attacks.
  • Night Vision - Makes everything appear to be at max light level, including underwater areas.
  • Invisibility - Renders the player invisible. Equipped/wielded items and armor are still visible.
  • Water Breathing - Enables the player to breath underwater.
  • Levitation- Makes the player float in the air (It will appear in 1.9.)
  • Luck- Increases player's chance of a rare drop, similar to the Lucky enchantment (It will appear in 1.9.)



Brewing tree


  • The Leaping potion has not been implemented in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the console editions yet.
  • The potion of healing harms undead mobs (this includes mobs like Zombies, Skeletons, and the Wither) and the potion of harming heals those mobs.
  • The idea of sugar being used to make potions of swiftness may be based on the theory of some sugar making people hyper.
  • The idea of golden carrots being used to make Night Vision potions may be based on the theory that carrots help you see better.

Video Tutorial

Tactical Minecraft EP03:34

Tactical Minecraft EP.01 (Retake) Brewing Potions

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