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This article is about the pufferfish, which can be caught in bodies of water, and was introduced in update 1.7.2. For a list of all types of fish, see Fish (disambiguation).

Hunger Replenished Halffoodbaricon
Obtained by Fishing

Killing Guardians and Elder Guardians


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Pufferfish old

The original Pufferfish texture

The Pufferfish is a Fish in Minecraft, added in Update 1.7. It is easy to catch with a Fishing Rod in larger bodies of Water, can be obtained in Creative mode, and can be obtained from Guardians and Elder Guardians.

When eaten, the Pufferfish replenishes half a Hunger point. However, it will give the player Nausea and Hunger III for 15 seconds, as well as Poison IV for 1 full minute. As consuming Pufferfish evidently brings more harm than good, it is not an optimal source of Food.


Pufferfish can be used to brew the Water Breathing Potion, which grants the player the ability to breathe underwater for a limited time.


  • The pufferfish is the only type of fish that can not be used to tame Ocelots.
  • The poisonous effect inflicted by eating the pufferfish is based on the fact that real pufferfish contain the deadly neurotoxin Tetrodotoxin in their bodies. Unlike its real-life counterpart, the pufferfish cannot currently be cooked to nullify its poisonous side effects.
  • Pufferfish is the only item in the game that the player can use to obtain the Nausea effect, not including Commands.

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