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This article contains content about features that are outdated, or have been removed from the game.
These features may only exist in older versions of Minecraft, or were possibly never even implemented.
Health Points: 6.5
Drops: 0-1 Apple, 0-1 Roses
Location: Random

[view][talk] Rana was a mob who resembled a little girl with a frog hat. She was originally in-game as a test in Indev. Rana was created by "Dock" for a project of his own years ago. When he joined the Minecraft development team, he recreated her in a new style for the game, along with similar-styled NPCs called Steve, Black Steve and Beast Boy. All four of them were pulled from Minecraft at the same time when Dock left the project.

On Dock's personal site, DeadPanda(No longer active), several pictures of Rana can still be found along with other artwork of his.


  • Rana means "frog" in Latin, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Rana was the first to use human pain sounds when taking damage.
    • Although she is female, the pain sound is a male.
  • Rana, like the other mobs created by Dock, moved without any animation.
  • Rana bears a striking resemblance to Jenny Sanderson from the GameCube game Chibi-Robo!.
  • Rana used to be the player model in Minecraft indev 0.31
  • She looks like Ribbita from Mega Man Battle Network series.
  • She used to drop apples and roses after being killed, but sometimes drops nothing at death.

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