Raw Beef
Hunger Replenished FoodbariconHalffoodbaricon
Obtained by Killing Cows and Mooshrooms
Technical Name minecraft:beef
Data Values Hex: 16B

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Sapling inventory

Raw Beef is a food item obtained by killing Cows. Steak can be obtained by cooking the Raw Beef in a Furnace with some fuel.

Raw beef is dropped by Cows and Mooshrooms when killed. Each animal has a chance to drop 1 to 3 raw beef. The Looting enchantment will increase the maximum number of possible raw beef drops by 1 per level. Each piece of Raw Beef restores 1.5 units of the Food Bar and grants 1.8 points of Hunger Saturation. Raw beef can also be used to heal or breed tamed wolves.

A player can use a Flint and Steel, Fire Charge, a Sword with Fire Aspect, or a Bow with Flame to set Cows/Mooshrooms on fire which will allow them to drop Steak when they are killed while on fire.

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